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Propel(x) Launches Angel Investment Channel Program with Breakout Labs

Today we’re excited to announce  that we are partnering with Breakout Labs–a seed-stage fund for hard science startups that is part of the Thiel Foundation–to feature their startups on a dedicated angel investment channel on Propel(x) and give angel investors access to the startups that Breakout Labs has invested in.

Here’s how it works: Investors can now search by Breakout Labs on Propel(x) or go to the Breakout Labs channel on Propel(x) to see the deals that are currently fundraising. From there, investors can learn about the startups and their fundraising efforts, hear from the management team and experts about the technologies they are developing, and make an investment. Breakout Labs has a dedicated page on Propel(x) that can be accessed at https://www.propelx.com/blog/breakout-labs/.

Breakout Labs’ Scientific Director, Hemai Parthasarathy, said in the press release we issued today, “Breakout Labs aims to bridge the gap between research funding and the investment marketplace. Often what’s needed is early working capital to complete a proof-of-concept or a prototype. With Propel(x), we have a dedicated venue to promote our startups and help them attract further funding.”

So what’s the advantage of this angel investment channel from an investor’s perspective? Three words: quality deal flow. By forming a partnership, Propel(x) ensures a steady stream of high quality startups to present to investors. And the more quality opportunities investors have access to, the better the chances of success. 

To see the Breakout Labs companies that are fundraising on Propel(x),  click here.

To learn more about Breakout Labs mission, check out the feature story we wrote here.

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