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A Comparison You Weren’t Expecting: Angel Investing and Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go – It’s really popular, has been known to be addictive among users, results may vary based on your location, and the more rare it is, the more excited people get.

I know what you’re thinking, but we’re not referring to Pokemon Go. We’re talking about Angel Investing. Surprisingly, the two have many similarities. And here’s why.

Opportunity. As a trainer in Pokemon Go, you’re always looking for opportunity, searching for those rare finds that will really put you ahead of the game. Angel investors are no different. However, they seek out something more valuable than Pokemon — new, innovative startups.

If a start-up has a truly novel idea, is disruptive in a large market, or has great potential, it is bound to create a buzz among the Angel Investing community and get them excited, similarly to rare Pokemon sightings.

Collaboration. Like the teams formed on the Pokemon Go App, angel investing also engenders creative collaboration. With a powerful group of people at your side, you are more likely to find great deals early on, work as a group to evaluate opportunities and strategize on whether to invest or not.

Patience. In Pokemon Go, trainers search for creatures from their incubation period to when they’re fully formed and thriving. Similarly, Angels invest in startups at all different stages. They can invest at the beginning, nurturing the young business through its first years towards the market, or find a business later after they’ve developed a solid foundation and gained capital.

Location. Pokemon are attracted by lures and therefore easier to find in populated areas. Their locations usually match the terrain they’re meant for. Startups, no matter how innovative the idea, depending on the market they’re entering, the relevancy of their product, and how they get their name out there.

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Sometimes investors face decisions that affect their entire agenda and have to plan accordingly to what they can find, where they can find it, and how hard they want to work to get it. They focus on ventures that will benefit them and strengthen their investing portfolio.

But, when you have the commitment to your task, you can find great investing opportunities. And maybe even a Pikachu.

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