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Fundraising 101: Keeping Investors Updated

As a startup founder, updating current and potential investors is key. Effectively communicating  your company’s progress will help keep investors engaged and excited about your efforts – and hopefully investing more in the future. So what should you share and how often? Here are the updates that investors have told us they find most valuable.

  • Milestones: Have you reached a major product milestone? Or have you launched a pilot with a client? Have you closed a grant or round? How about signed your 5th, 10th or 100th customer? These are all milestones that investors would love to hear about.
  • Fundraising progress : Whether you’ve secured an SBIR  grant or a new notable investor, give investors more confidence in their decision making by sharing who else has committed to your vision.
  • Conversation with potential partners and / or customers: Are you in talks with a giant player in your industry? That’s worthwhile sharing. You don’t have to wait until there’s a signed contract to let investors know that you are engaging with the potential customers and partners who will make your company a success.
  • Additions to you team: We recently conducted a survey of angel investors and found that 75% of angel investors reported that management team was the most important factor when deciding to invest. Your team matters to investors, so share the good news when you attract top talent.
  • Media coverage: Nothing like good PR to get investors excited. Make sure you share all of the great articles and blogs that include your company. This type of third-party validation is a great boost.
  • Getting published: Have you, a teammate or a company adviser been published in a respected journal / publication? Is so, you know the drill, share!
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An easy way of engaging and updating investors:

As a startup fundraising on Propel(x), we aim to provide you effective and efficient ways to reach target investors and are pleased to introduce our latest enhancement, Management Updates.

Now you can get updates to all of the investors on the Propel(x) platform simply by adding your news to the broadcast section in your Activities tab.

Company Updates Made Easy

Once you hit share, your updates are listed for investors to . If an investor is following you on our platform, they will be alerted about your update immediately.

Company Updates

We will continue enhancing our platform to make it easier for startups and investors to connect. In the meantime, if you have any questions or feedback on our latest enhancements please let us know!

Ready to share an update? Click here.



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