McKinsey’s Private Markets Annual Review

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Industry Buzz

Here is what caught our attention over the past few weeks.

Portfolio Startups Spotlight

Connect Homes, (requires registration to view) an LA based construction-tech startup that designs, builds, delivers and installs green and award-winning homes in a highly scalable way, has recently completed the delivery and installation of its connect homes model 6T in partnership with SoCalGas. The H2 Hydrogen Home represents the future of clean energy, and sustainable living. Connect Homes’ 6-module home was delivered by Hydrogen-powered semis, and installed in less than a day to the site in the City of Downey. Abc7 News.*

Liatris Inc.(requires registration to view), recently announced that it received a $1M Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award from the National Science Foundation. Cision PR Web News*

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Company Highlights

Propel(x) featured as one of 13 Best Investment Apps of 2022 by Money Crashers

Disclosure: This is an independent review and not sponsored by Propel(x). It does contain links from our affiliate partners.

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Deal Flow

If you have pro-rata in a growth stage round (Series B, C), and you are not able to fill it entirely, please share it with Propel(x). We routinely invest in pro-rata opportunities of VCs and angel investors via our syndicates. In exchange, we share up to half the carried interest that we will receive on our syndicates.

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What is a Convertible Note and how does it work?

A convertible note is a form of short-term debt financing used in early-stage startups. It includes a right for the debt to be converted into equity under specified conditions in the offering documents. One condition might be when early-stage companies reach a defined valuation, and another might be at a specified maturity date.

Convertible notes terms generally carry an interest rate that gets factored in during the conversion from debt to equity.

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Qualified Purchaser vs. Accredited Investor – What’s the difference and why does it matter?

Similar to an Accredited Investor, a Qualified Purchaser can purchase some stocks that are offered through a private placement that is not registered with the SEC. Meeting the requirements of a Qualified Purchaser are more onerous than for an Accredited Investor.

Since the level of financial sophistication and investment capability is considered higher, a Qualified Purchaser can access a wider range of investments than an Accredited Investor.

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Check in: Q2 Investment Goals

3 months went by fast! Checking in to see if you are on track for your Q2 investment goals. If you are considering angel investing or looking to expand your deal flow pipeline and have questions, please let us know at

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