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Propel(x) has been nominated for “Best Alternative Investments Platform” for the 2021 Benzinga Global Fintech Awards!

Please show your love and support by casting a vote in our favor! Each person can cast one vote per day until the awards ceremony on November 11th, so do not forget to vote for Propel(x) more than once.

Voting ends – November 11, 2021

Steps to submit a vote for Propel(x)

Step 1

Click ‘Vote Now’ button here –

Step 2

The link will prompt you to create a new account on Benzinga

Step 3

You will receive an account verification email. Please verify your account

Step 4

Search for the keyword ‘propel’ in the search bar on top right corner

Step 5

Scroll down and you will see Propel(x)’s profile on the bottom left

Step 6

Click to vote 

Step 7

Earn good karma from the universe 🙂

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