2018 Angel Investing in Deep Tech

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Online investment platform adds Direct Investing and shows growth and participation in 1Q2018

SAN FRANCISCOApril 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The momentum of angel investing in deep technology startups showed increase in the participation of investors, startups and industry experts on the Propel(x) online investment platform from January through March of 2018. 

Deep technology companies are pioneering innovations such as new forms of clean energy, life-saving treatments, new methods of space exploration, and artificial intelligence, amongst others. Analyzing use of the Propel(x) platform showed:

  • Amount invested increased five-fold over 1Q2017;
  • Propel(x)’s Expert Community has exceeded 1,000 industry specialists actively assisting investors evaluate deep tech investment opportunities;
  • Expansion of the Propel(x) Industry Council, a network of corporate leaders with interests in mentoring, investing in, and possibly partnering with emerging deep tech innovations.

Responding to users’ feedback, Propel(x) introduced “Direct Investing” capabilities to the platform in 2018. Until recently, accredited investors could only participate via syndicates for as little as $3,000. Now Propel(x) investors can invest directly into startups; without having to participate via Syndicates. As a business plan objective, with the introduction of Direct Investing capabilities, the company anticipates the majority of its dollars may be Directly invested by the end of 2018. 

“Introducing Direct Investing added momentum to our business this year,” said Swati Chaturvedi, co-founder and chief executive officer of Propel(x). “As interest is waning in apps and low-tech solutions, investors are now looking for companies that are making breakthroughs in the sciences and technologies shaping our 21st century economy. Deep tech companies have intellectual property. The increase in Propel(x) participation may be a strong indicator of where investor dollars are moving.” 

Recent Successful Capital Raises

Propel(x)’s early 2018 successes included Pointcloud – recently closing $3,300,000 in a round led by Baidu Ventures, with $1,500,000 raised on the Propel(x) platform. Founded by silicon photonics integration experts, the startup is developing next generation 3D imaging solutions based on LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology – dramatically improving 3D perception for robotics, autonomous navigation, and a variety of consumer and industrial applications. “Propel(x) helped accelerate our fundraising process and broaden our investor base,” said Remus Nicolaescu, chief executive officer of Pointcloud. “The platform gave us access to a diverse network of high quality investors with strong understanding of frontier technologies and the importance of high performance 3D imaging solutions in the future.” 

Artificial intelligence pioneer InsightFinder completed $2,000,000 pre-Series A financing led by Eight Roads Ventures. The company’s breakthroughs in unsupervised behavior learning (UBL) improves an enterprise’s ability to intelligently predict and prevent system anomalies and disruptions.

“In addition to a continued strong showing of life sciences and energy focused startups raising funding on Propel(x) in Q1, we have seen more startups on our platform that leverage breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and high definition 3D sensing to bring efficiency and productivity in areas like enterprise software, industrial robotics and autonomous transportation,” said Lisheng Wang, co-founder of Propel(x). “There is clearly a demand in investing a diverse set of deep technology areas from our platform investors and we are excited to bring to them the right opportunities.”  Wang also noted that not all capital raises are successful. 

About Propel(x)

Propel(x) is an online investment platform capitalizing Deep Technology. Propel(x) connects investors to industry experts and Deep Tech startups. Startups featured on the platform are pioneering innovations such as new forms of clean energy, life-saving treatments, new methods of space exploration, and artificial intelligence, amongst others. As the premier platform for Deep Tech innovation, Propel(x) seeks to change the world by helping the next generation of great companies.

Originally posted on PR Newswire, Apr 26, 2018.

Disclaimer. Securities offered through North Capital Private Securitiesmember FINRA / SIPC. All of the investments offered on the Propel(x) platform are private offerings, exempt from registration with the SEC. These investments carry the risk of complete loss. The investments are also illiquid, with undetermined holding periods and no real preset liquidity terms. These offerings are also only available to accredited investors. Testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers and are no guarantee of future performance or success.

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