Propel(x) investment platform to provide access to a new asset class – Svelland hedge fund

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Svelland Capital and Propel(x), Inc. are pleased to announce that they have worked together to enable Qualified Purchasers to invest in the Svelland Capital hedge fund through the Propel(x) platform. Rohit Tiwari at Morris Street Advisors USA facilitated this collaboration.

Ranked by respected industry analyst Barclay Hedge as the second top macro hedge fund for the three years to March 2022, Svelland Capital represents an opportunity for Qualified Purchasers to diversify their portfolio with a historically high-performing hedge fund.

Qualified Purchasers may participate in the offering through a special purpose vehicle managed by Planck Fund Management Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Propel(x).

“We are excited to expand Svelland Capital’s international reach by working with Propel(x),” said Svelland hedge fund founder Tor A. Svelland.

“At Propel(x) we are very excited to have Svelland Capital on board as our first hedge fund offering,” said Propel(x)’s CEO Swati Chaturvedi. “We are proud to select and curate what we believe are some of the best alternative investment opportunities available today, and we are excited to bring the Svelland Capital opportunity to Qualified Purchasers on our platform. This alliance is the latest in our continued efforts to broaden our offerings in alternative investments.”

“Morris Street Advisors are pleased to have played a part in expanding the reach of the Svelland Capital hedge fund and make this opportunity available to more Qualified Purchasers” said Morris Street Advisors USA’s Executive Chairman Rohit Tiwari, who helped facilitate the collaboration between Svelland Capital and Propel(x).

Disclaimer: Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

About Svelland Capital
With headquarters in London, UK and supported by their Oslo, Norway office, Svelland Capital is a commodities investment management company focused on pursuing superior returns for their investors across all market conditions. The Svelland Capital team leverages their long experience in commodities to benefit from structural tailwinds driving value in the sector. These include an inexorable transition to a renewable energy future and managing geopolitical shocks and risks in energy interdependence.. The Svelland Capital team has a deep understanding of the physical commodity and freight markets, and a demonstrated ability to analyze and translate fundamental market signals into strong investment opportunities. Additionally, Svelland Capital has extensive risk management experience from years of discretionary trading at large institutions and managing risk through multiple commodity and broader financial market cycles. Find out more at https://www.svelland.com

About Propel(x)
Propel(x) is an online platform bringing alternative investment opportunities to accredited investors and qualified purchasers in the US and around the world. Founded by MIT classmates Swati Chaturvedi and Lisheng Wang, Propel(x) built a strong foundation in angel investing by connecting investors with science and technology startups to unleash innovation, grow great businesses, and have an impact on the way people live. While retaining their focus on facilitating private funding for startups to help build the next generation of great companies, Propel(x) is now also expanding its alternative investment offerings with access to hedge funds and future opportunities in venture capital funds. A firm believer in democratizing access to private markets, Propel(x) is committed to bringing quality investments opportunities to high net worth investors on its platform. Find out more at https://www.propelx.com

About Morris Street Advisors
Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Morris Street Advisors is an Investment and Strategic Advisory fim providing tailored solutions to sophisticated private market clients across a spectrum of business sectors. Find out more at https://morris-street.com

PRWeb, November 16. 2022

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