Propel(x) Portfolio Update: Investors benefited from a liquidity event when SnapChat acquired MoQuality

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Founded in 2015 by two Computer Science PhD graduates, MoQuality is a self-learning artificial intelligence tool for testing mobile applications built for both Android and iOS. 

In mid-2018, Propel(x) investors participated in a Seed Round capital raise utilizing a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE).

In MoQuality’s October 2018 press release, the company announced it had raised $2.5 million in funding in the seed round, which was led by Amity Ventures and early investors included Cox Enterprises and Techstars as well as Propel(x) investors.

Source : Crunchbase

Seed investors shared in a liquidity event in September 2020 when SnapChat acquired MoQuality for an undisclosed sum.

If you are interested in building your portfolio by adding investments in startups, you can find more information here on how to start angel investing and how to find opportunities for angel investing on the Propel(x) platform. 

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