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Resources for Angels Considering Deep Tech

There are several reasons angel investors may consider adding deep technology to their investment portfolio. However, it is also a potentially risky endeavor. In an effort to better inform your investment decision making, we’ve compiled a list of resources for angels you can use before you commit.

  1. The Angel Capital Association’s Knowledge Center: Packed with advice for angels just starting out, as well as for angel group leaders, the ACA has compiled a library of instructional videos and webinars to aide your investment journey.

  2. The Angel Investment Network: Comprised of the latest news in the angels investing world along with tips and tricks, this site will be your go-to in no time. Be sure to check out their guide to different approaches to angel investing.

  3. Cayenne Consulting’s Valuation Calculator: Ever wondered what the company you’re considering is worth? While you’ll likely see a few figures in the pitch deck, it can be helpful to get an estimate from an outside source. Just answer a few questions, and the calculator will give you baseline valuation.
    Note: Remember that the estimations expressed by this calculator are in no way an indication of true valuation or potential for return.

  4. VentureHacks: A comprehensive blog covering all aspects of angel investing with helpful insider tips, this AngelList-backed blog is full of the information you need to stay abreast of all things angel investor.

  5. Quora: This question and answer resource is a great way to get crowdsourced info from your fellow angel investors. No matter your questions, there’s sure to be an angel out there who’s gone through it before and who’s willing to help you out.

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While in no way comprehensive, this list is a great way for you to build up your knowledge of all things angel investor. If you’d like to learn even more, you can subscribe to the Propel(x) blog, which features tons of info geared towards angels like you.

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