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Here is what caught our attention over the past few weeks.

Portfolio Startups Highlights – Closed Deals

Bambu (requires registration to view) is a financial innovations company that transforms digital wealth market by designing and creating smart digital investment systems – Robo Advisors – for global financial institutions.

Disclosure: Bambu is a Propel(x) portfolio company and closed fundraising through us in June 2021.

ChEmpower (requires registration to view) is an advanced materials and specialized chemistry start-up whose products help increase yield, reduce cost and preserve the environment for the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Disclosure: ChEmpower is a Propel(x) portfolio company and closed fundraising through us in April 2022.

GuRu Wireless (requires registration to view) is a spin-off from Caltech that develops millimeter wave, over-the-air wireless power solutions GuRu’s patented smart lensing technology can potentially find the precise locations and power multiple devices simultaneously, even if meters away and while moving or in use.

Disclosure: GuRu Wireless is a Propel(x) portfolio company and closed fundraising through us in May 2021.

Company Highlights

Propel(x) Review: Invest in impact startups that can make a difference
Disclosure: This is an independent review and not sponsored by Propel(x). It does contain links from our affiliate partners.
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Bring Your Own Deal (BYOD)

If you have pro-rata in a growth stage round (Series B, C), and you are not able to fill it entirely, please share it with Propel(x). We routinely invest in pro-rata opportunities of VCs and angel investors via our syndicates. In exchange, we share up to half the carried interest that we will receive on our syndicates.

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Cap Table (Capitalization Table) and what they mean when investing in startups

A cap table is simply a record of all stock already issued or available and identifies all stockholders and how much they own. The ownership of a startup changes as it grows and progresses through its funding rounds. This can occur with new investors buying in, stock options being exercised, or convertible notes being converted to stock. The cap table is used to track these changes and keep a record of all the current and potential shareholding in a company.

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Alternatives will become truly global

The next five years will see a leveling of the world’s alternatives markets, as AUM growth in Asia and emerging economies outpaces North America and Europe.

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