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What does it actually mean to invest in breakthrough startups?

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Invest in Breakthrough Startups: What does it actually mean to invest in breakthrough startups? We all know that past performance is no guarantee of future success. But we also know the best way to understand a set of investment opportunities is to look at the track record of the team.

In the case of Propel(x), an investment platform, the question should be – if I were an investor on the platform, what types of opportunities could I see if I have to invest in breakthrough startups?

Propel(x) is focused on deeptech investment opportunities – companies founded on scientific innovation or meaningful engineering innovation.

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Here are five examples of companies previously featured on Propel(x) who later went on to an exit, in case if you want to invest in breakthrough startups.

Five Deep Tech Exits (in alphabetical order)

  1. Abtum
  2. Deep Space Industries
  3. Drastin (Splunk)
  4. Intellivision (Nortek)
  5. Smoltek (IPO)

So what does it mean to invest in breakthrough startups? It means that as an investor you could have the opportunity to invest in cutting edge technology companies. Interested in learning more?

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