Propel(x) Channels

Propel(x)’s high-quality deal flow comes from some of America’s leading incubators, investors and government agencies. Below are some of our most prolific sources of high quality deal flow. Click on the logos to see their current open investment opportunities.
Breakout Labs uses philanthropy to support a growing portfolio of early-stage companies in areas ranging from food science and biomedicine to clean energy. Breakout Labs provides up to $350,000 for companies to achieve specific milestones that are critical to their development.

Robot Launch supports early-stage robotics, sensor and AI startups that advance the automation of the physical world.

Robot Launch invests in startups and organize global robot startup competitions and challenges that move robotics technologies forward. We partner with Silicon Valley Robotics and other major robotics industry associations and research centers.

Many fundraising startups on Propel(x) have been awarded SBIR or STTR grants from the National Science Foundation. Click to learn more about the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs.

Many fundraising startups on Propel(x) have been awarded SBIR or STTR grants from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.Click to learn more about the Small Business Innovation Research(SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs.

Rosenman Institute is a QB3 initiative on medical devices based in UCSF Mission Bay campus. The Rosenman Institute is a community of investors, clinicians, and technology entrepreneurs who create innovative solutions for unmet clinical needs.

The FAST Advisory Program is an initiative of California Life Sciences Institute and provides select entrepreneurs with intensive team review and coaching to perfect their business model, product development plans, and to build a compelling commercialization strategy.

E8 is a private mission-based angel group focused on early-stage cleantech companies whose innovations will increase the sustainability and health of our planet. E8 melds its pursuit of profitable investments with its pursuit of a higher purpose – accelerating the transition to a cleaner future and a better world.

The California Clean Energy Fund administers the California Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur Development Initiative (CalSEED). CalSEED is made possible by the California Energy Commission and funded through California’s Electric Program Investment Charge.

MIT Alumni Angel Investors of Northern California welcomes, invests in, and mentors entrepreneurs to bring their innovations to applications; Bring the connections and leadership of MIT alumni investors to our entrepreneurs; Leverage the power of the MIT alumni network in Silicon Valley to perform technical and business diligence on investment opportunities; Focus on emerging science and technology startups backed by significant R&D and IP.

Incubit Technology Ventures is a technology incubator located in Be’er-Sheva, Israel, and is part of the OCS incubator program. Incubit, fully owned and backed by Elbit Systems Ltd., is the first Hi-Tech industry-backed incubator.

Incubit Technology Ventures’ goal is to invest in innovative startups with unique technologies in an early stage, promoting them to secure further growth and future investments. Incubit believes in partnership and acceleration, which relies on our wealth of unique services and deep understanding in managing technology.

Hello Tomorrow is a global organization bringing together a network of key actors aiming to leverage deep technologies to solve the world’s toughest challenges. Hello Tomorrow sources deep tech projects and startups across the globe in partnership with leading universities and accelerators, and facilitates collaboration between these entrepreneurs, industry and investors in order to bring innovation from lab to market. Organizing startup competitions, a series of events around the world, as well as providing training and consulting for key actors, Hello Tomorrow has become the key reference platform in the deep tech space.