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We are on the cusp of scientific and technological breakthroughs that could define the next century. Join us in fueling and financing technologies that matter.


Swati Chaturvedi​

Co-Founder and CEO

Jason May

Chief Technology Officer​

Selma Duhovic​

Director of Operations​

Hasmita Kapoor

Marketing Lead

Jenny White​

Executive Assistant​

Glenn Mathesie​

Compliance Principal​


Dr. Frank Sortino​

Founder and Inventor of Sortino Ratio

Scott Anderson

Principal FinLawyer, Former Deputy Regional Chief Council FINRA

Tim Kelly

Chief Financial Officer at Sand Hill Angels

Veda Narayanan

Director Brand Management

Amit Goel

Early Stage Investor, Ex-Founder - MEDICI (Exit)

Chaomei Chen

Previously Chief Risk Officer, Lending Club

Pierre Caramazza

Head of Financial Institutions Group, Franklin Templeton

Ajay Gupta

Head of Equity Trading NOMURA, Merrill Lynch

Stuart S. Lipton

Founder, Recognised by Best Lawyers

Board Members

Ronjon Nag

Founder, R42 Institute, Professor Stanford University

Swati Chaturvedi

Co-Founder and CEO

Lisheng Wang

Co-Founder, Venture Investor

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