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“I believe that today, the future of venture capital is breakthrough science transforming billions of lives in sectors like energy, transportation, infrastructure, manufacturing, agriculture and human augmentation. In the coming two decades, almost every layer of our physical world is likely to be reshaped and the best venture capital investors in these areas will not only be poised to produce phenomenal returns but also contribute massively to creating a better world for generations to come.”

– Dakin Sloss, Founder and General Partner
– Prime Movers Lab

“Usually, public companies, especially nowadays, are at least in the single-digit billions in terms of valuation and can only go up so much, whereas, for early-stage startups, they’re in the single-digit or double-digit millions in terms of valuation, and there’s obviously a lot more room for upside.”

– Adam Moelis, Co-Founder and CEO
– Yotta, a personal savings app