How to find investors for your startup
How to get investors – use Raise!

How to Find Investors

If you’re raising money for a new startup or business venture you will need to understand how to find investors.

The best place to start, of course, is your own network. Build a spreadsheet of everyone who you think could be an investor or who could make an introduction to an investor and go from there. A quick piece of advice: start with at least 50 contacts.

Next, register for Raise, by Propel(x). We designed Raise with the expressed purpose of making fundraising easier, so that you can spend less time on pitching and more time on building.

Upload your investor pipeline csv and add new prospective investors from our proprietary database.

Search our database of thousands of venture and angel investors to identify and qualify investor leads. Blockchain for healthcare data management Seed investors? Yep, we’ve got them. Consumer wearables Series A investors? Yep. Investors in Oklahoma? Yep.

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Still managing your investor pipeline with a spreadsheet?

Spreadsheets are nice because they are free and and quick to use. But they also quickly become a mess of nested cells and color-coded confusion. When am I supposed to follow up with that investor? Check cell Q92. No thank you.

Switch to Raise to Fundraise Faster. Leverage digital sales and marketing techniques to build, engage and convert a community of investors. Raise centralizes investor relations for the modern entrepreneur.

Manage Investor Contacts through a Sales Funnel

Know thy investors, and keep in touch.

Investors love entrepreneurs who are organized and on top of their game. What better way to show that you are a total boss than by organizing your fundraising process.

Categorize investors by lead status, share materials confidentially and set follow up dates. CRM for investor management.

View Investor Analytics

Confidentially send materials to investors and know when and how frequently they have viewed those materials. Separate the “kind of” interested from the “invest today” investors and focus on the investors who matter.

Bottom Line

Organize your process to raise venture and angel capital faster, starting today.

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