Streamlined Syndicates for

SPV Leads



Syndicate Features

All included at a price of $5,700 for 7 years*


Private Syndicates

$5,700 for 7 years*


$5,700 for 7 years*



for 7 years*

Blue Sky filing fees additional at cost

At the end of 7 years, you may choose to extend your syndicate life for 3 years at an additional charge of $1,800


Cash distributions are included; stock distribution will cost $250 per member, which will be deducted from proceeds at liquidity event

What’s included in the price?

Standard Master LLC to house your Series LLC*

Obtaining a CIK#, EIN#

Dedicated bank a/c

Deal display platform

Investor onboarding including KYC, AML

Online transaction platform including document signatures, fund transfer

Initial closing of the syndicate including initial account creation, Form D filling, Blue sky filings

Annual federal taxes & DE filings as required

Annual distribution of K1s

Distribution of proceeds from liquidity event

Winding up of Syndicate after liquidity event, final tax filings